Meet Faith


Hey there, Welcome to the little herbal.  My name is Faith.  I am a certified clinical herbalist.  I studied herbalism and nutrition at the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism in Boulder, CO.  I manage a lovely apothecary also in Boulder.  And I am a mom of 3 awesome kids.  The little herbal is a place for all of my herbal remedies, body care creations and other kitchen experiments.  The focus is on pregnancy, birth, babies, kids and family health.

Natural body care is a big passion of mine.  As much as I can I make all of our products at home including, soaps, lotions, salves, wipes and even toothpaste.  I am always amazed by the junk that I find in kid’s products, even those claiming to be “natural”.  How often do you read an ingredient list and realize you cannot pronounce half of the ingredients?  Making your own body care products at home can be empowering and it allows you to know exactly what you are putting on your children’s skin.

I created the little herbal with the hope of helping and inspiring other parents to draw on natural remedies when caring for their children and to inspire myself to continue learning and growing as a mom and herbalist.

I hope you enjoy it…



  1. karey

    LOVE this Faith! So excited you are doing this and I really appreciate the resource as a new mama! xoxo Karey

  2. Corrie

    Your recipes are so divine!! What a gift to share them with the world. You have some seriously lucky kiddos.

  3. Lisa

    Yes! This is so great and I really like the name…can you tell me how to make my own toothepaste?

  4. Hi Faith,

    Love your site. I am an herbalist as well, but on the other side of the country in Massachusetts. I hope you faired well in the horrible weather that you in Colorado have been receiving! My brother-in-law live quite near you. I am also just getting my blog up. Great to see others that live naturally.

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